Good Mother Gallery's Latest Group Show "Loose Ends"

April 14, 2018

Good Mother Gallery's latest show is titled Loose Ends, a group exhibition curated by Juxtapoz managing editor Eben Benson, and features six young Bay-Area based artists: Yarrow Slaps, Oliver Hawk Holden, Liz Yoshiko-Schmidt, Olivia Krause, Bryon Christman, and Robbie Api. The show centers on the theme of looseness, and explores the spectrum of free and gestural application from the abstract to the figurative. 

The Bay Area has long provided artists a sense of freedom to avoid the hyper-real, or overly-precise, and over the years, artists from all around the world have come here to immerse themselves in their practice. The exhibition not only highlights the talent involved to create work of this nature, but also the intentionality of its application and how it allows art to communicate feelings and ideas that simply can’t be expressed without allowing experimentation and openness. In a time when the Bay Area has become increasingly difficult for all artists, it’s important to highlight those that manage to still call this place home and represent a new chapter in the Bay’s vibrant artistic history.