Good Mother Gallery Celebrates 3 Years With "BIRTHDAY"

Feb 10, 2018 - Mar 03, 2018Good Mother Gallery, Oakland

Good Mother Gallery is celebrating their 3 year anniversary with a group show titled BIRTHDAY. The show will include work from a variety of artists, many of whom have shown with the gallery over their 3 years in Oakland. Many of the artists exhibiting also had work in our Juxtapoz Clubhouse, including Cannon Dill, MC Marquis, Lena Gustafson, Ryan Bock, and Jillian Evelyn.

The work included is an intentional curation of Good Mother's aesthetic. The gallery was founded in 2015 to make a space for artists to exhibit work in Downtown Oakland, with a particular emphasis on local artists in and from the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Artists exhibiting include:

Oliver Hawk Holden - Ryan Bock - Jillian Evelyn - MC Marquis - Cannon Dill - Lena Gustafson - Michelle Fleck - Michelle Guintu - Jeffrey Cheung - Robbie Api - J.S Wright - Liz Hernandez - Connor Pindar - Kellen Chasuk - Nathaniel Galipeau - Kelly Ruler - Ryan Whelan - Jonathan Casella - Dang Wayne Olsen = Alicia Adamerovich - Dan Bortz - Laura Rokas - Terry Hoff - Adrienne Kammerer - Zebu - Severin Moore - Josh Freydkis - Colton Callahan - Brian Haefling - Haydyn Lazarus