Ask someone how they’ve been coping while sheltering in place, and half the responses will involve the companionship of Bella or Boots, as in their dog or cat. Animals draw us back to the innocence of childhood and seem to embody a grounding, simple wisdom that sooths the nerves during these stressful times. McKenzie Fisk has known this all along. Her children and animals embark on life as equal citizens of the world, guiding each other or guilelessly gazing in wonder at the path ahead. Engagement with a McKenzie Fisk painting comes easily, as each fine brushstroke invites a closer look, and it gets better. The surreal settings and interplay evoke the curiosity of her characters. The confidence in their actions and in each other serve as fables for minds grown weary of too many choices, too much multitasking.

The Los Angeles based painter opens a new show at Thinkspace on Saturday, May 30th. Disneyland may still be closed, but a little adventure and time travel is yours for the taking.

Here is Thinkspace's rollout of their openings this weekend: 
Saturday, May 30 at 12:00PST, a video tour of their new exhibitions will go up on their Instagram TV, and 1-2PMPST they will go live on their Instagram to tour the new exhibitions + the artists on hand to briefly discuss their new shows.

Sunday, May 31 at 2pmPST, they will post a full set of installation photos from both exhibitions to their Facebook and blog, and on Monday, June 1 at 4pmPST, they will share a link to their self-guided virtual tour of the new exhibitions on all social networks