Girl Skateboards and (RED) will come together on World AIDS Day to raise awareness and funds for (RED)’s fight to end AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. The event will feature an internationally recognized roster of artists, including a handful of former Juxtapoz cover artists, who have painted Girl's iconic wooden OG doll. Each doll will be auctioned online with proceeds going to the Global Fund to fight AIDS with (RED) beginning the night of the event running through December 8th.


Andrew Pommier, Marcel Dzama, Paul Hutchinson, Travis Millard, Ramsey Dau, Mark “Fos” Foster, Glenn Smith, Brian Anderson, Michael Sieben, Brian Butler, Christian Morin, Johannes Gamble, Misato Suzuki, Evan Hecox, Donta Santistevan, Hershel Baltrotsky, Craig Abell-Champion, Drew 'Dru Collage’ Milling, Mark Gonzales, Sasha Barr, Eric Gorvin, Sage Vaughn, Thomas Campbell, Andy Mueller, Pawel Swanski, Carlos M. Gutierrez, Nick Guenzler, Gunther Estrada, Nick Zegel, Kayla Markin, Andy Jenkins, Tony Larson, Kevin Lyons, Porous Walker, Joe Roberts, Francisco Reyes Jr. and more...

Opening Reception (open to public)
December 1st, 7pm - 10pm