With his now iconic-style and beautifully simple yet poetic paintings, Geoff McFetridge returns to V1 Gallery in Copenhagen from June 10—July 9, 2016.

V1 got a great description of the work from Geoff prior to the opening.... "My work is about a belief in images. Though mundane the images do much of the work in the paintings. It is with images that I go places. I am recently interested in my relationship with ideas. Specifically my past misunderstanding of images as ideas. I was under the impression that what I was seeking out, or creating were ideas... or that I had an idea to draw the image. Although they are often intangible, I feel that most ideas exist as tangibly things do; ideas like images, are often interesting because they are found not new. So what in the past I have described as ideas are actually something else, connections between ideas, possibly, but not really ideas in any sort of true sense. Possibly a definition of an idea is broad enough to contain them, but I think not. Whatever the case, in creating images I seek something deep but also, more importantly, familiar. If Dickies are an idea; then that is the kind of idea I am interested in."