From the Pages at Paradigm Gallery is a co-curated group exhibition bringing together a diverse group of 13 national artists in a contemporary gallery setting. The collaboration features artists who appeared in Popova's publications: Create! Magazine and FreshPaintMagazine, many of whom also regularly exhibit with Paradigm Gallery + Studio.

The exhibition highlights the multiplicity and diversity of mediums used by artists in today's contemporary art culture. John Oliver Lewis and Dan Lam explore color and texture in their playful, abstract sculptural work. Jenny Brown creates intricate and imaginative collages. Lauren Rinaldi, Michael Reedy, Chambers Austelle, and Daisy Patton address figurative work and contemporary portraiture. Kelly Kozma uses mixed media with embroidery to create her chromatic pieces. Michele Kishita and Joey Slaughter make vibrant abstract formalist paintings. Jessica Brilli and Sara Pedigo paint life through everyday objects and interiors, while Brian Spolans paints and draws otherworldly futuristic communities.

Opening reception: Friday, January 27th from 5:30pm - 10:00pm