Franco "JAZ" Fasoli Portraits The Pretension of Greatness

Jun 29, 2017 - Oct 07, 2017BC Gallery, Berlin

 Berlin's BC gallery is currently running "Pretension of Greatness", a solo showing by Franco Fasoli aka JAZ. Three years after his first solo show with the gallery Argentinian artist is back with an all new body of work, mostly consisting of intense collage works.

Using the visual impact of the unconventional medium, Fasoli layers and constructs his imagery into rich, pattern-like composition full of tension and restlessness. Inspired by the everyday urban scenes from his homeland such as the football fans iconography or civil uprising, these works have a charming sense of naive or folk art to them. Through his works the artist is almost parodying or idealizing these events, giving them a celebratory or carnival feel. Along with these large collages, Fasoli will be introducing new sculptures made of bronze and fabric. By juxtaposing bronze, one of the highest rated materials, against ordinary fabric items, he is desacralizing these pieces that evoke monumental statues, making them appear more everyday and common people friendly. —Sasha Bogojev