There is a certain sort of nostalgia many get when they think of their childhood home, and especially after the holidays, as many have travelled back to and from these places, there is a sense of time and place that begins to absorb our memories. I was thinking about this as I was looking at the works and reading about the new exhibition of Francisco Diaz Scotto aka PastelPatio Misionero, opening at Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco on January 15th. His works are based off film he developed from a camera found at the artist's family home in Misiones, Argenitina. And within it, there were treasures to be reinterpreted and painted, creating a thematic overview of the pandemic and the things we have lost, found and left behind. —Evan Pricco

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From the gallery: Patio Misionero focuses on these lost moments from family memories and brings forward a world of mysterious scenes, rich in surroundings that are shadowed and idyllic. The artist incorporates floral patterns into backgrounds and tablecloths of his scenes as a tribute to Misiones vibrant vegetation, creating a balance between reality and artifice. Paying homage to his family and the rediscovered moments shared with his grandmother, Diaz Scotto creates an exuberant world in his work allowing the viewer to step into his lush and embellished imagined past.

Patio Misionero will be on view January 15th - 29th with an opening reception on Saturday, January 15th from 1pm-7pm, no appointment necessary.