Katrin Fridriks, recently interviewed in our October 2017 issue, is currently showing her first Italian solo show with Dellupi Arte gallery in Milan. On view through 31st January 2018, Forces of Nature is accompanied by the release of Fridriks's first monograph book edited by Dellupi Arte.

Continuously inspired by nature and its marvelous forces, as well as focused on raising awareness about its protection and preservation, Fridriks' work is full of explosive energy that gets captured on a canvas. Using thick layers of vibrant vinyl paint that interact in various vigorous ways, the Icelandic artist is depicting the fire, ice, volcanoes and geysers which exist in her homeland.

The body of work produced for this particular exhibition is focused on finding the balance between nature and humans, learning the new ways to interact with our environment. Introducing smooth gradient backgrounds in her newest paintings, she is putting more accent to the energetic creations she constructs through a peculiar production process she developed in her workshop. Through her abstract forms, Fridriks is conceptually portraying both the cosmic panoramas, lunar landscapes, geological layers or drought-defatted soils of Earth, but also the infinitely small cellular organisms and biological molecules that are the core of everything existing in the universe. After the show opening the artist focused on completing the limited editions of her first monograph, that will include either a hand painted invitation for the show, or an original piece from her newest conceptual Waste Collectors series. —Sasha Bogojev

Forces of Nature will be on view through 31 January 2018