Florian Eymann's Poigant Portraiture

Mar 23, 2017Cube Gallery, Patras, Greece

From miniature oils, charcoals on paper, to large canvases and panels, French artist Florian Eymann has been prolifically creating alluring portraiture inspired by the classics. On March 23rd he will be presenting his latest body of work at Cube Gallery in Greece, introducing his recognizable coexistence of form, color and painterly technique.

Expressive and borderline representative, Eymann's work often only suggests the subject depicted behind the layers of intense brush strokes and layers of paint. Using classic portraiture form as a base, he chooses thematic sections for his work which can vary from historic people, friends or family, to contemporary pop icons. Rarely showing any detailed features, Eymann takes only the most recognizable elements as a starting point, and than refers to smudges, drips or stains to hide or deform non relevant attributes. This approach results in haunting images that feel familiar, yet completely mysterious to the observer. Using work as a way to escape, experiment and enjoy the creative process, he bases his imagery on observation, free of any rules or procedures. —Sasha Bogojev