When we interviewed Felipe Pantone in the magazine last September, Selina Miles introduced him by explaining, "Inevitable in people who are constantly in motion, Felipe’s ethos is volatile, ever-shifting." That description of Pantone still holds true, especially in his latest collaboration with someone else who is constantly in motion: professional rally driver Ken Block. "From wall, to print, to computer screen," Miles continues, "his aesthetic runs seamlessly. Straddling conventional graffiti, typography and abstraction, Felipe Pantone's work fuses punchy geometrics, color spectrums and optical illusions to create an aesthetic that is simultaneously ultra-modern and somehow reminiscent of an earlier digital era."

The HHIC himself, Ken Block, has a reputation for creating unique liveries and looks for his cars whether they be for personal use or for racing. Starting back in 2005 when he did the Gumball rally for DC Shoes in a trio of modified Subaru’s that all sported identical digi-camo graphics (in three separate colorways), Block has always had a penchant for standing out in a crowd. When he switched things up with a jump to Ford for his rallying career in 2010, Block set the current standard in racing liveries when he made his debut in his well known and instantly recognizable “drips” racing graphics.

For 2016, Block’s race livery builds upon a legacy of standout looks that he’s become known for by teaming up with—by way of Hoonigan—Pantone. The collaboration created a series of bespoke artworks that were then translated into designs to work on Block’s all-new Ford Focus RS RX rallycross cars for his Hoonigan Racing Division team. Shockingly, this collaboration actually marks the first time that Block has partnered with someone beside himself and his internal team to design the graphics for his cars.

For this project, Felipe Pantone leaned on his personal art style to help deliver artwork that conveys both speed and energy in a dynamic way. The fact that it reminds Block of a thoroughly modern version of 80s artwork—something that is near and dear to Block who happened to be a teen in the 80s—is a nice bonus.

The three-step process began with Felipe Pantone applying his vision in aerosol form to a series of canvases at Hoonigan Industries in Long Beach, CA. With an emphasis on design that looks fast standing still, he let the paint fly, creating a total of eight pieces. Next, the designs were digitally translated, tweaked and applied to Hoonigan Racing Division’s all-new Ford Focus RS RX rallycross cars. Once this portion of the project was completed, Hoonigan then took the artwork and transformed it into a unique clothing capsule entitled Hoonigan by Felipe Pantone, which will be rolling out systematically across multiple seasons in 2016.

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