This month, muralist Felipe Pantone is exhibiting his new show Planar Direction at Station 16 Gallery as a part of this year’s edition of the Montreal MURAL Festival. Pantone has been a practicing graffiti artist since the age of twelve and has truly mastered the art of spray painting. His unique work is at the forefront of street art and ranges from graffiti to kinetic art.

Using a variety of mediums with a blend of bold graphic design, geometric shapes, and vivid colors, Pantone has managed to create striking work with an ultra-modern aesthetic. Since we live in a hyper-technical world, we are exposed to a vast amount of visual information. Pantone’s combination of distinct black and white designs mixed with fluorescent colors has been a successful strategy in making his pieces stand out within the street art community and stick in our minds despite the constant bombardment of data and information. His art captures the essence of the digital age and reflects his travels, experiences, and his view on the changing landscape of the world - an increasingly dynamic and connected place. Pantone is optimistic about technology and the future, a fact that he celebrates with his artwork and murals all over the world.

For those interested in learning more about Pantone, this video gives a pretty solid background and description, definitely worth checking out.

Portrait of an Artist | Felipe Pantone from Selina Miles on Vimeo.

Also, If you're in the Montreal area, be sure to check out the MURAL festival, their festival has now produced over 80 murals and installations and has brought together a vast collaboration of muralists, musicians, creators, art enthusiasts, and street artists to exhibit relevant urban culture.

Installation photos by Halopigg