After solo exhibitions in Paris and Berlin, and showing his work around Europe, Pablo Benzo will be opening his first solo show in his hometown of Santiago, Chile. The exhibition, Favoritismo, will include his most recent oil paintings, collage works and some surprises created especially for this showcase.

Now a Berlin-based artist, Benzo started his creative career back in his early youth doing graffiti in Santiago, which eventually lead to exploring other visual elements. Once he moved to Berlin he started focusing on his studio practice and developed a peculiar still life style Based on familiar format and composition structure, Benzo's creations have very little to do with actual representation of still life elements. Working with soft, subdued tones, the Chilean artist is creating curious arrangements that evoke the motif of a vase with flowers, but deprived of any dimensional or physical rules. HIs imagery enters the realm of abstraction through surreal attributes. We had the pleasure of visiting Benzo's studio couple of months ago, and witness the making of some of these contemporary pieces that carry the evident aesthetic and feel of works by such classic masters as Picasso, Dali or Duchamp. —Sasha Bogojev

The show will be on view at Galeria Animal from January 9—31st, 2018