Esteban del Valle @ Superchief Gallery

Jan 09, 2016 - Jan 31, 2016Superchief Gallery, Los Angeles

We love a good travel story, and Esteban del Valle's newest show, Displacing Waves, is a culmination of seven months of travel throughout the United States, from rural Alaska to New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. The Chicago-born, Brooklyn-based painter will open the show at Superchief in Los Angeles from January 9—31, 2016.

Blurring the lines between painting and drawing, Esteban del Valle's newest body of work brings the spirit of political cartoons into a fine art space. From a woman inspecting a glass of wine to a group of minotaurs singing around an airport piano bar, painterly vignettes of contemporary colonialism unfold to reveal covert moments of power, consumption and mobility that underlie the displacement of others. The notion of pushing and pulling takes literal form in ink puddles, drawings with painterly marks and paintings with drawn marks, creating a sense of intrusion and balance. Del Valle's mixed media approach is rooted in illustration's role as a communicative medium, ruminating on the art world's movement in the opposite direction towards a privatized landscape of privileged information.