One of our favorite works from the entire Armory Show this past year was Eric White's awesome free-standing sculpture of an LP vinyl sleeve that was the Beatles "White Album." The work even had White's own portrait work of the Beatle members inside. On the heels of this work, White just opened a new show, Monaural, at GRIMM in Amsterdam through June 4, 2016. 

For this solo exhibition White presents a new body of work that is a tribute to music and its lost forms, such as the LP and 8-track tape. A group of new paintings focuses on famous album covers, the recognition of their design is shared by many of us on an unspoken visceral level. We know these covers, always present in our visual memory, they are an expression of a period or particular time in our lives, but are we actually perceiving them anymore? White mixes up both the original content as well as the meaning of these images and forces us to look and interpret them again. As writer Mike Newton states in his essay about the LP paintings, “These are exercises in both loving fidelity to their widely-revered sources, and cheeky impertinence in the face of fading cultural legacies.”