"My latest work is an aerial exploration of some of the most rapidly changing places on our planet. Over the past two years I traveled with NASA's science missions to track shifting ice, allowing me to produce a series of drawings that captures the range of ephemeral landscapes I observed while flying just hundreds of feet over Antarctica and the Arctic." So says Zaria Forman, an artist we have been following for years for her environmental works, pastel paintings focusing on climate change effects on our natural world. Winston Wächter Fine Art, New York is excited to announce Overview, an exhibition of new large-scale pastel drawings by Zaria Forman. 

From the gallery: "While her previous drawings are often recognizable as icebergs and glaciers, Zaria’s proximity to NASA scientists inspired work that is highly precise in its technical execution and yet visually more abstract. With an eye toward communicating the alarming rate that our polar regions are melting, Zaria portrays the vulnerability of thinning ice and heat-absorbing inkiness of the seas with profound detail and inherent drama. Each piece is rich in nuance, imbuing this series with great variation and thematic cohesion. In the sharpness of these birds-eye views drawn in her characteristic large-scale format, Zaria has created deeply intimate portraits of the environments we stand to lose.

"Like orbiting astronauts who are overcome by Earth’s fragility and moved to protect it, viewers are invited to witness a perspective on our planet that is connected to both the exacting beauty of science and the terrifying urgency of climate change."