On September 6th, GR Gallery on Bowery in NYC will be presenting a duo solo show by two abstract artists—Emilio Cavallini and Meguru Yamaguchi, titled Untainted Abstraction. Aside from their age difference and coming from different parts of the world, the two artists have a very diverse and original approach to producing their innovative abstract creations.

It's the uncommon aesthetic approach to abstraction that is the main pillar of the Untainted Abstraction exhibition. Notable in the 20 new artworks created exclusively for the showcase, the pieces are echoing of Japanese and Italian historical traditions. While Yamaguchi bases his energetic and expressive work on a brushstrokes, Cavallini layers nylon yarns, cotton threads, and printed fabric into delicate abstract creations. Through such an approach, the artists are both elevating the long-going tradition of calligraphy to a new dimension and extending the practical use of traditional crafts, the orderly perfection, and the color palette Renaissance Masters. These concepts will be further extended to a limited edition print, a 3D wall sculpture edition, as well as the interactive and immersive installation that will be painted inside the gallery space. —Sasha Bogojev