Ellsworth Kelly passed away at the age of 92 this weekend, December 27, 2015, and there is something significant as you look across the social media world and see tributes and honors to the great American painter. (He was a sculptor and printmaker as well). Kelly's use of color and shape, at their simplest core, has been one of the most influential contributions to visual culture in the post war world and into this century.

Even if you are in the interior design world, or printmaker, painter, sculptor, Kelly's use of color, of minimalism with immense impact, has been of a major influence. I liken going into a room of Kelly's work at the Tate Modern this past year to emotional impact of walking into a room of Rothko's; there is quiet enormity in the simplicity. 

The London Guardian has a lovely write up on Kelly now, which you can read here. 

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photo by jack shear
text by evan pricco