I can remember I walked into the preview of Beyond the Streets in Los Angeles back in 2018 and saw the Maya Hayuk mural that just read "FUCK." It wasn't like an exasperated slang use, but like an all-encompassing "this is what life is all about" sort of FUCK. It felt life-affirming, much like all the works that the Brooklyn-based artist has made over the years. The work is full of joy, pain, chaos, energy and a bit of experimentation with color. She's has a palpable synergy with the randomness of life, a bit of the FUCK when things go right and FUCK when things go wrong. And she is quite a legend for it. 

On November 11th, Chandran Gallery in San Francisco is pleased to present Maya Hayuk’s solo exhibition ElevenEleven, a compilation of the artist’s latest studio experiments from 2019 to the present. As the gallery allows for with it's significant lower tier wall, Hayuk is creating a site-specific mural that is reminiscent of her works as a Barnstormer years ago in North Carolina. She talks about perfect imperfection, and what the means is that the story of an artist and the constant output they have isn't about making the perfect stroke everytime. An artist embedded in their practice with their own hand will make, over and over, and allow the drips, angles, lines, and ideas all blend together. ElevenEleven is a culmination of her life's work, one imperfection at a time. —Evan Pricco

The exhibition will open by appointment on November 11th, 2021 and run through Jan. 4th, 2022. There will be an opening reception for the public (masks and vaccination required) on Nov. 11th 2021, from 7-9 pm.