Craig Costello has taught us that even in experimentation and material research, each mark can be deliberate. As a graffiti artist (KR), photographer (who's photos of early Barry McGee, Ruby Neri and Alicia McCarthy graffiti works is the hallmark of the Mission School moment) and his own brand, KRINK, Costello is a bit of pioneer. His paintings evoke the idea of early abstract expressionist painters, but feel original and natural as someone who balances installation, graffiti aesthetics and overall design style work. 

Recently, Costello opened a body of new work at Eighteen Gallery in Copenhagen, sparse and architectural paintings that are some of his most bold to date. As Jesper Elg, Eighteen director notes, ""Minimalist, experimental, intellectual and primal. Black and white abstraction. Formal and yet technically avant-garde. Vibrant, refined, gestural - in and out of control. Arrested motion. Perfected through repetition, but never perfect. The work of Craig Costello is all about equilibrium. Surface, movement, paint, application and reaction."