"I want to liberate these figures and objects, to give them a narrative through repetition over several paintings," Dominique Fung told us a few years ago in our print edition. "These artifacts, vessels and sculptures are animate protagonists in my paintings, whereas historically, these objects have been seen as cultural tropes." In her newest exhibition, Coastal Navigation, on view at Nicodim in Los Angeles, Fung paints with a confidence and historical vantage point, a series of works that follows a trip from land to sea. 

The gallert notes, "Coastal navigation, by definition, is an orientation method to determine a seabound vessel’s location in relation to landmarks on the shore and the visible objects under the sea. Coastal Navigation calls into question the grounding of these landmarks themselves. When everything is forever in flux, then aren’t we all in a constant state of being displaced?" This also makes the show feel universal, a story of displacement and movement, and what does movement mean in a world where each person has a different idea of what movement can mean. Are we going together? Are we going alone? —Evan Pricco