Earlier this week, we shared our full conversation from the Fall 2020 Quarterly with New Haven-based painter, Dominic Chambers. We posted that to time with the opening of his newest solo show, Like the Shapes of Clouds on Water, on view at the August Wilson African American Cultural Center in Pittsburgh through December 13, 2020. 

We asked Chambers abour this show in our interivew, and here was his insight, "The show is called Like the Shape of Clouds on Water. The title comes from a short story that I'm writing. It has this idea of intangibility, like clouds. You can't harm physical things, but they have a physical presence. Water, too; a body of water is something that seemingly is containable. The story is about those two things in relationship to one another.

."But then I think about the conversations that the works have among each other. I'm not necessarily as interested in going to a particular show or a group exhibition and feeling as though these are just totally individual, distinct objects that are just things that you're meant to engage with. I think about how these works relate to one another as a broader conversation and whether or not that works. I make a decent amount of work but I'm also curating which ones I'll actually be showing..."