Dirty Dirty Love and This House of Glass

March 29, 2016

A visual exploration of sexual identity, Reuben Negron's Dirty Dirty Love series is an on-going series pivoting around real-life interactions with individuals and couples in intimate and domestic settings. The models, all drawn to the project for reasons of their own, reveal themselves in vulnerable moments that challenge staid perceptions of sexual acts.

All volunteers, each model brings their own experience to the project, crafting a varied approach to the discussion of sexual self-concept. Each piece begins as a conversation between the model (or models) and myself as we explore the nuances of what makes them who they are behind closed doors. The resulting images are a privileged and deglamorized exposé on how we live when we think no one is watching.

Evolving from the photo-journalistic sensibilities of Dirty Dirty Love, his more recent series, This House of Glass, is an intimate exploration of what we keep hidden from others - and in many cases, what we hide from ourselves. Working with volunteers, I interviewed each model about the relationship between their public lives and personal history; specifically focusing on sensitive and vulnerable details they normally keep veiled. Through this process their personal narratives were dismantled and reconstructed into the watercolors seen here. Staged in the model’s own home or place of particular meaning, each painting is a cumulative experience not meant to document a singular instance but to illustrate the entirety of the model’s story.