Direction/Instruction @ Paradigm Gallery

September 08, 2016

A traveling group exhibition at Paradigm Gallery showcasing an international group of artists who are focused on challenging uses of Geometry, Color, Composition, Text, Form and Ad Hoc materials.

Curated by Hyland Mather of Andenken Gallery, “Direction/Instruction” features artwork from: 108, Anna Taratiel (aka ‘OVNI’), Brittany Gould, Chad Hasegawa, Evan Hecox, Graphic Surgery, Labuenaylamala (aka Raquel G), Lennard Schuurmans, Liam Snootle, Mary Iverson, Nelio, Ramon Bonilla, Remi Rough, Rubin 415, Sandra Fettingis, Scott Albrecht, and Hyland himself (thelostobject).

Not necessarily intended as a reaction to illustrative, narrative, and representational art forms, but at the same time...definitely. Most of the artists featured are active in the urban realm and bent in new directions of creating form when using the street as a venue for their work. In a gallery setting, they each deliver classically beautiful work that reminds and expands on ideas explored by fine art champs like Ellsworth Kelley, and Sol Lewitt.