"Delineation" Brings Beautiful Abstractions to Joshua Liner Gallery, NYC

Mar 16, 2017 - Apr 15, 2017Joshua Liner Gallery, New York City

Joshua Liner Gallery is pleased to present Delineation, a group exhibition featuring the work of contemporary artists Johnny Abrahams, Samantha Bittman, Elise Ferguson, and Jason Middlebrook. An opening reception for Delineation will take place on Thursday, March 16, with the exhibition running through to April 15, 2017.

For this curated exhibition, the exhibiting artists navigate the possibilities of taking geometric abstraction beyond the pristine, conventional square canvas. By diverting from a mechanical and immaculate approach to these formal compositions, these artists explore various process driven methods to their abstractions that combine the formal with the organic. Through various applications and mediums including weaving, shaped canvas, wood, and plaster, the artists utilize their materials to create abstract work that is familiar but fresh. Their various mediums reveal impressions of the artist’s hand, uncovering a process that is intimate and handmade. In direct contrast to the historical tradition of Geometric Abstraction as a movement that is at times isolated and objective, the dialogue among these four artists explores process, the handmade, and the elegance found in imperfection.