As we previously announced, Danielle Orchard is currently having her debut solo show V1 gallery in Copenhagen. After being featured in some of their recent group showcases, the NYC-based artist is presenting an extensive body of work titled 3pm.

Named after the time of the day in which one decides if the day was used or wasted, Orchard continues her efforts to portray the moments of leisure and indifference. Usually depicting naked female characters having a cigarette break or a glass of wine or beer, these images show the artist in moments she wishes to experience.

Evidently borrowing cubism aesthetics, Orchard uses the female body to portray a different side of femininity. Enjoying the bathtub, getting ready for a stage performance, reading a book, taking a break while playing tennis, or masturbating on the sofa, her characters are confident with themselves without a need for any additional attributes or narrative. Playing with color, she regularly composes her images using contrasting tones that "shouldn't" go together. At the same time, she plays with layers of paint and texture, leaving evident brush stroke marks or even scratching the paint from the surface.

The 2nd space of the gallery is showing Oxen, a debut solo exhibition by Grace Metzler, in which the artist envisioned what happens when the time runs out and everyone does what they feel like. Focusing on the darker, dirtier side of the human psyche, the NYC-based artist explores the psychological and physical realm of life through conflict, sexuality, relationship, regularly using historic art references or imagery.––Sasha Bogojev

Photos by @SashaBogojev