Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles hosted a huge, 3 exhibit opening on June 10th, the show included Beau Stanton, Mary Jane Ansell, and a collaborative mural by Hueman and Tatiana Suarez. Our photographer Birdman got some great photos from the show and an excellent video on Human and Tatiana Suarez' mural on the side of the gallery. Be sure to check this show out if you're in LA anytime soon.

Mary Jane Ansell's new body of work, Of Dreams, Birds, and Bones, weaves classic and modern portraiture together by utilizing the same group of models in different displays, using that consistency to show their evolution throughout her work. Her newest work explores the "place between sleep and wakefulness", and each painting is accompanied by part of a childhood rhyme that comes together as you get towards the end of the show. 

In another part of the gallery, Beau Stanton displays a depature from his normal paint-focused style, titled Prismatic Paradigm. His show here is a combination of the new mediums that he is exploring, including printmaking, stain glass, oil painting, woodworking, sculpture, and aerosol. He contrasts geometric patterns with gothic, almost religious style arrangements. The collision of these themes causes the work to display visually stunning characteristics. 

The third exhibition is a collaborative show from Oakland-based artist Hueman (Allison TInati), and Miami-based artist Tatiana Suarez. The show, titled Fioritura (Italian for "flowering"), is centered on the symbolism of flowers, and how they are associated with historically with femininity. Both artists explore the shades and realms of femininity, from the vibrant, sensual, and decadent bright side, to the dark, mysterious, and even unsettling side. They also worked together on a mural on the side of the gallery, which you can view below.