The V1 Gallery family is continuing their strong exhibition program with a new solo show by Geoff McFetridge in Copenhagen. Coming Back Is Half The Trip will be the first showcase by the Canadian-born artist and illustrator in the Eighteen gallery space and will feature a selection of new paintings and sculptures.

Known for stylized paintings of figures and objects regularly forming patterned formations, McFetridge will be introducing a new body of work that is portraying everyday life patterns. Repetitive behaviors, life routines, and queues are some of the conditions that the artist is taking as inspiration, rendering them in his highly graphic visual language. Blending his fine arts practice and prolific career as a graphic designer, McFetridge minimizes his imagery to an assemblage of colorful shapes that together form a figurative image. In this particular body of work, the forms are evolving to abstraction evoking the automatic and subconscious way we're often dealing with such life situations. Very calming and eye-pleasing, these simple yet striking compositions carry a significant poetic undertone and globally recognizable narrative. —Sasha Bogojev

McFetridge will do a talk at Vega music venue this Wednesday, October 24th, officially inaugurating the As We Improvise We Disappear muralcommissioned by VEGA and Tuborg, and on Friday, October 26th, he will be opening his 4th solo show in Copenhagen.