We are huge fans of Cleon Peterson here at Juxtapoz, and when we had his cover story in October 2014, we enjoyed playing with his themes of violence and power struggle, so much so that we made this issue preview video. This past January, we traveled with Cleon to Hong Kong as he opened a solo show with Over the Influence, and saw some of Peterson's most ambitious and large-scale work to date.

Now, the Los Angeles-based artist is set to open "into the Sun" on May 27th at Diesel Art Gallery in Shibuya, Tokyo. As the artist statement declares, "Into the Sun explores our new reality, a world where humanity is divided by war and chaos. A world where human values have broken down and been replaced by the ideology of war and revenge. Cultures and religions clash, each one fighting to impose its vision and ideals on the other. The utopian ideals of compassion and understanding have been replaced by the idea of the outsider or other. Human life has become valueless taken over by the machine of war. At the heart of all of this is an impulse to make the world pure."

To our friends in Tokyo, go see this!