Juxtapoz's friend, Chris Johanson, just opened a new series of works, "Imperfect Reality with Figures and Challenging Abstraction," at The Conversation in Berlin through December 3, 2016.

The Conversation is pleased to present “Imperfect Reality with Figures and Challenging Abstraction“, an installation by American artist Chris Johanson. This will be the artist’s rst solo exhibition in Berlin. Johanson’s multifaceted output includes painting, drawing, sculpture, and music. He is renowned for immersive installations that depict the hope and despair of contemporary life as we deal with the crushing conformity of modern existence. His exhibition with The Conversation will be comprised of new paintings and works on paper made with recyc- led materials. Johanson’s work has blended a simple, unschooled style with an exuberant sense of color and a playful but sharply critical edge. These new works bringing to focus themes exploring the delicate balance between nature and technology. In Johanson’s words, “The human structures that we have made are at odds with the organic nature of the world. This causes con ict.”