Right after organizing and participating in the milestone Creenca residency earlier this year, a program from his Void Projects initiative, Axel Void relocated to Cadiz, spending three months to complete his new solo show, Mundane. He introduced the new exhibit on November 8th with his longtime friends, Delimbo Gallery in Sevilla.

The artist, whose opus revolves around paying tribute to everyday people and everyday events, especially the ones on the margins of society, painted this new body of work as a continuation of those efforts. The show aims to remove the derogatory connotation around the concept of mundanity, creating a poetic and philosophical pictorial essay using his impressive painterly skills. Using a traditional, even classical approach to painting, Void portrays common people and events from an objective perspective, focusing on their pure beauty.

Taking reference from his own life, as well as historic documents, Void neither proposes narratives nor names his subjects, capturing the universal charm of universal concepts like knowledge and belief, context or nature, dialogue, time, identity, social constructs, and love. These are explored through a series of paintings on canvas, animations, and a large-scale mural painting inspired by a photograph of a “free school” in 1930s Barcelona.––Sasha Bogojev

Photo Credit Laura Calvarro