Danish artist Carl Krull has long been a favorite of the staff here at Juxtapoz, and he keeps getting better over the years. And now, the typically black and white artist is added color to his process. Henrik Haven caught up with Carl before his new work was featured with Format Artspace at this past week's Code Art Fair in Copenhagen. 

 As Carl says of his new work, "Whether you are painting on a lithographic stone, cutting in wood or working with another printmaking technique, the interesting common denominator is that the stone, wood or metal plate brings a great deal of character to the table, and forces you to work in dialog with the material at hand, in a very different way than when working directly on canvas or paper. You lose some control but get a lot in return. Another factor I love about printmaking is that prints aren't copies but rather considered unique works, this makes the work more affordable and thus more democratic."

All photos by Henrik Haven