With just one week until the opening reception, Cat Art Show LA 2: The Sequel continues to add to its already impressive roster of artists. Mark Ryden has announced a painting that will be on view for the first time. Photographer Rick Hardcastle has collaborated with Ricky Gervais to produce a photographic print as well.

Cat Art Show LA 2: The Sequel features work from over 70 globally recognized artists, offering opportunities for all guests to take works home with them. In addition to original artworks, there will be limited edition silkscreen release from Brandon Boyd, as well as limited edition posters from Paul Koudounaris, Rudi Hurlzmeier, and Rick Hardcastle. Participating artists have sung praise and given reason to why they chose to be a part of Cat Art Show LA 2: The Sequel. Daniel Maidman (What A Cat Thinks About I & II) said “Cats have a humorless sense of dignity that they are naturally comical; combined with their good looks, they make a delicious topic for memes and art alike. Cat Art Show brings together a broad range of artistic respones to the cat. It has so much great work ­ I’m honored to have an opportunity to contribute.” The grandfather of cat photography, Walter Chandoha (Five Kittens), explains his piece in conjunction with “why [he] still enjoy[s] making photographs of cats;” he creates a “once in a lifetime shot, what [he] calls an exact instant image” as he has been doing for the last 95 years. “After making thousands of images in my career as a professional cat photographer I figure if I live long enough maybe I can still make another ONCE IN A LIFETIME image like the five kittens. At 95 my trigger finger is still nimble enough to coordinate with my mind when my eye sees an outstanding image in the cameras viewfinder telling me to squeeze the shutter at the exact instant.”

Along with the previously mentioned artists, the full 2016 lineup includes: Adriana Gasperi, Alexandra Troitskaya, Alexei Sovertkov, Annie Terrazzo, Brandi Milne, Brandon Boyd, Britt Ehringer, Cara Long, Charlie Becker, CYRCLE, Daniel Maidman, Dawn Bowery, Diane Hoeptner, Don Pendleton, Edwin Ushiro, Emma Mount, Fedele Spadafora, GAAS/Suara, Heather Mattoon, Horitomo, Ingrid Allen, James Seward, Jamie Fales, Jason Edward Davis, JeanPierre Arboleda, Jeff, Haynie, Jeff Nentrup, Jenny Parks, Joann Biondi, Johannah O’Donnell, JoKa, Katsunori Miyagi, Kerri Hobba, Koichiro Takagi, KOZYNDAN, Laura Keenados, Leslie Kirchhoff, Leslie Kirschhoff, Lucia Heffernan, Luke Chueh, Lyn Winter, Lynn Jones, Marie Vlasic, Marion Peck, Martin Hsu, Martine Coppens, Michael Caines, Michael Lindsay­Hogg, Midori Furuhashi , Natalia Fabia, Noah Eaton, Nuria Riaza, Paul Koudounaris, Rachel Schlueter, Rae Cook, Ravi Zupa, Rebecca Rose, Rebecca Artemisa, Rick Hardcastle, Rick Morris, Rob Reger, Rudi Hurzlmeier, Scott Hove, Scott Zaragoza, Silvio Porretta, Simon Tofield, Simone Legno (Tokidoki), Sonya Palencia, Stephanie Han, Suger Fueled, Thiago Goms, Tim Biskup, Tobias Keene, and Zane York.