Casey Weldon's Cat-Inspired Narrative on Internet Culture

Nov 30, 2017 - Dec 22, 2017Spoke NYC, New York City

The lates show at Spoke NYC is titled Catharsis, an exhibition by Seattle-based artist, Casey Weldon in what will be his inaugural solo exhibition at Spoke NYC and fourth exhibition with Spoke ART. Catharsis is an exploration into Weldon’s surreal, stylized world inspired by pop culture. Consisting of a new body of paintings, Weldon uses cats as inspiration to create a satirical analysis on the internet and social media.

Weldon’s narrative based acrylic paintings draw out the light, glowing with a mysterious luminosity. Piercing eyes gaze back at the viewer, drawing you in and inviting you to observe their unsettling and humorous environment. Focusing on pop culture, Weldon’s work is a commentary on modern day life and our dependency on social media. Inspired by Giorgio de Chirico, Andre Breton and other 20th century surrealist painters, Weldon’s dream-like and fantastical narratives playfully coax the viewer to consider the role of social media in our everyday lives - the absurdity of time spent scrolling through photographs and feeds, as well as the the withdrawn insularity of choosing social media over genuine social interactions.

About his work, the artist states, “With the rise of social media, shared adoration and adulation have made the cat pic a frequent daily affair. Simultaneously pulling at our heart strings and poking our funny bones, the cat is equally worshiped and laughed at. This is a body of work exploring this duality while allowing me to hopefully get this whole cat painting thing out of my system.”