Carlos Ramirez of The Date Farmers Returns to New Image Art Gallery, LA

Jan 14, 2017 - Feb 11, 2017New Image Art Gallery, Los Angeles

In his first solo show outside of The Date Farmers (cover artists, October 2006), Carlos Ramirez has a new body of work, "Complejo de Cristo y Vampiros", set to open January 14 at New Image Art Gallery in LA. The show will be on display though February 11, 2017.

Carlos' works are layered reflections of a polymorphous identity; foreign yet familiar perspectives existing in a liminal reality between cultures, collecting ephemera and detritus, and combining it into playful assemblage pieces. Ramirez’s work often speaks of the inequalities within Mexican American communities and often champions the common man as underdog.

His work is tremendously resourceful, scavenging for creative materials within various desert locales. The work is replete with layers and textures intertwined with the political while being disguised as popular. Works include a combination of house paint,, sparkly stickers, handwritten bilingual text, rusted bottle caps, discarded packaging, and an iconic stylized use of acrylic paint with deeply layered figurative workings. Snakes, spiders, scorpions, and other bits of nature from his hometown appear mixed in with Catholic symbolism, aliens, perceived gang members, pop-culture references, and commercial imagery, giving brand logos and religious icons the same attention and placement. Carlos' paintings continue to evolve becoming denser and more meaningful while remaining alluring and magical.