After years of creating almost exclusively monochromatic works, Danish artist Carl Krull will be introducing his first color-infused body of work in years at Format Artspace on the 20th of January. The exhibition Sediment consists of five series of silk screen prints, hand pulled by the artist.

Photos by Henrik Haven

The title of the show comes from the printing procedure that includes layering of ink on film, then light through film and finally color through the silk screen, resulting in a print being a sediment of such process. By bringing color and double or triple exposing his network of lines, Krull is further pushing his effective concept of seismographic lines creating figurative imagery. The haunting faces and masks become more illusory, while further standing out from the flat paper, constantly playing with observers focus point. Using almost sculptural approach to creating works, his distinctive layers upon layers of hand drawn lines are forming images that seemingly flow above the surface they are created on. The visual interference of the vibrant colors is further pushing these grids from the surface, even creating illusion of a movement. —Sasha Bogojev