For years now, Montreal-based Sandra Chevrier has taken the power of comic books and created an entirely new world of superheroes, placing women at the center of the work. Cages and the Shadow of the Colors is her second solo show at Thinkspace in LA, is an emboldened body of work, reshaping the way we think of comics and the powers that exist within the medium. 

“To paint is to play with colors, to let them dance with each other, to intertwine to become one or more, an infinite chromatic circle," Chevrier says. "To paint is to take everything that nature offers us and make it yours. All those hues that are only available to us because our eyes and brain work together to translate light into color. An apple is not red. Color exists only in the mind of the beholder.”

Ever inspired by color and its influence, Chevrier has incorporated color shading into her reference photoshoots over the last couple years, playing with blues, ambers, yellows, and reds on the skin. She has found each one tells a different story and embraces that in this new body of work.