Brian Willmont @ Guerrero Gallery

Jan 14, 2017 - Feb 04, 2017Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco

On January 14th Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco will be opening a solo show by Brian Willmont. Sharing the space with SF-based Joe Roberts, NY-based artist and curator will be introducing his new body of work that is pushing his practice to a point where there is the familiar simplicity but a deeper complexity in the reading as well.

Willmont has been building his reputation with delicately constructed paintings that accent the potential of the airbrush as a basic tool. Primarily used by photo retouchers, automotive detailers and sci-fi artists, its the subtle and airy aesthetics that makes airbrush so popular with contemporary artists, and Willmont is utilizing these effects in a very special way. By creating patterns and floral compositions, he is balancing the elegance of the sprayed paint along with sharp edges and precision painting. Between light poppy flowers and spiky rose thorns or water droplets, he is constructing his works using cliche imagery, stating that “these symbols become decorative and overwhelming representations of longing.” For this exhibition he will be creating another one of his hypnotic installations in which the paintings will be camouflaged within the wallpaper they are presented on. —Sasha Bogojev