On July 8, Gallery 16 in San Francisco will open a brand new body of work by Seattle-based Robert Hardgrave entitled, Blues Blues, Slower Than My Heart Beat, featuring a series of gouache over acrylic toner transfer on panel works.

In an upcoming featurin the Juxtapoz, Hardgrave told us, "My new work at Gallery 16 is pushing back towards painting where the transfers are being further obscured with paint. Within making transfers, I am finding some new territory, but it's too soon to really tell if it will stick or I'll move on to something new... I work intuitively. The marks are like a bag of tricks. I've collected these tricks by learning new things about materials and tools. Some of my tricks have been around for years and are constantly reappearing, but exploring different techniques and media helps to add more variation when necessary. I move slowly and pay attention to each mark as it's being made, being careful to find the ending of the movement, and decide when and how to stop."