Andrea Heimer’s work builds on strong and strange narratives, her characters often simplified forms but engaged in complicated, lucid scenes. One painting depicts adults wearing ritualized robes printed with My Little Ponies and Care Bears, passing time in a suburban back yard. In another, four white men hold pieces of a white eel, dripping blood.

On her work, she writes:
The focus of my work is mono-scenic narrative painting. The subject matter is heavily influenced by mythology, both personal and shared. Much of the work is influenced by the feelings and events surrounding my adoption and some of the events depicted are biographical.

The figurative elements focus on the interactions between human beings in moments of conflict, transformation, or disconnection. Emotional themes of loneliness and detachment are expressed in various environments including houses, yards, forests, and bodies of water, with figures directly interacting with their surroundings and each other.

The ultimate goal of the work is to expose painful and embarrassing realities in a flat matter-of-fact visual manner, as a means of acceptance through serenity.