There is a lot to take in when you are looking at the works of Felipe Pantone. There's the desire to him as recreating a digital language that is both scientific and from the mind of an engineer. There is the street art and graffiti part of the Spanish artist's work, seen around the work in murals and outdoor sculpture installations. And of course there is the history of Op Art, the way his work creates illusions and almost moving imagery that captivates your eye. All of these aspects will be on display for his next solo show, BIG TIME DATA, opening at RGR Gallery in Mexico City on February 4, 2020. 

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From the gallery: "The artist's plastic concerns - between the representation of the digital image and street art - have placed him at the center of the contemporary art scene. Pantone will take part in the gallery space, in addition to present part of its most recent plastic production of series such as Optichromie, Planned Iridescence, Subtractive Variability, Integration System and Chromadynamica.

"Felipe Pantone’s work, instead of trying to translate and limit the subtext of the unlimited, represents it graphically -from its own language- to reflect about these processes. At exalt the digital nature of communication in our era, his plastic work exposes, on a large scale, the subsoil of contemporary visual culture: glitch, iridescence, dynamics, distortion."