BEZT of Etam Cru Blends Surreal and Familiar Narratives in New York (w/image update)

Oct 21, 2017 - Nov 05, 2017SpokeNYC, New York City

SpokeNYC is currently preparing for Beautiful Mistakes, an exhibition by Polish artist, BEZT (Etam Cru), and curated by Los Angeles-based gallery, Thinkspace. For Beautiful Mistakes BEZT has created a series paintings and drawings, highlighting his simple and quiet storytelling. Melancholic figures are depicted in familiar domestic scenes, blurring the lines between familiar and surreal narratives.

Known primarily for large-scale murals painted with Sainer as part of the Etam Cru duo, BEZT's work is resistant to the ascription of excessively assigned meaning, preferring to allow the imagery to speak for itself. BEZT juxtaposes saturated colors and loose brushstrokes with delicate, refined lines and patterns.

His dream-like compositions often feature a central figure, silently contemplating the unknown, capturing the moment when someone is lost within their own thoughts. The scenes depicted quietly draw the viewer in, making them take pause and consider the unknown.