It's been less than half a year since curator and art agent Nicolas Couturieux first discovered the unique works by Spanish graffiti artist Belin. On 15th of June they've opened a 10-day pop-up exhibition in Paris which is including all new body of oil paintings and graphite drawings painted exclusively for this occasion.

The entire story started about a year ago when Belin visited Malaga, the birth place of Picasso, and decided to break his hyper real portraits in cubism manner. This is when "Postneocubism" was first born and things started moving quick from there on. Few months later he painted a large self-portrait piece using only spray paint and this is when Couturieux noticed his work. As a fan of classic painting and works of great masters, Belin gladly switched trusty spray paint for oils and started working on this coherent and recognizable series of pieces that are now on view in French capital. Depicting people from his personal life, as well as famous people that have influenced him over the years, the show consists of twenty canvases and ten pencil drawings. From large self portrait, portraits of his daughter or father, to deconstructed yet familiar faces of such icons as Dali, Picasso, Haring, Brigitte Bardot, Frida Kahlo or Mona Lisa, the show is experimenting with possibilities of this new approach he developed, while presenting his undeniably talent and skills. Through meticulous renderings of small features that make his subjects instantly recognizable to brave and uncommon choice of colors and tones used, Belin's Postneocubism portraiture is shaping up to be a big success.

Text and photos by @SashaBogojev