Megacosm denotes a universe of its own as described through Stanton's unique visual language.

Megacosm, a solo exhibition by Beau Stanton at Brilliant Champions Gallery is a collection of works are focused on the elements of a three dimensional stop motion animation filmed with Brilliant Champions. Megacosm denotes a universe of its own as described through Stanton's unique visual language. The video is accompanied by site specific installations throughout the gallery, showcasing the artist’s full spectrum of multidisciplinary art including oil paintings, sculpture, and printmaking.

Translating his oil paintings into one still frame after another a cryptic and metaphorical theme unfolds. These scenes come to life within a world of sculpted polymer clay, screen printed cut outs, wooden miniatures, paint and paper. Ornamented with familiar imagery from Victorian patterns, letterpress printing, and archetypal symbols. In a matter of moments Stanton’s worlds turn away from the emptiness of death to the brightest moments of birth and creation. The short stories featured in the stop motion film are recreated throughout the gallery in small shadow boxed and free standing statues.

Beau Stanton’s work begins and ultimately resides in his oil paintings, but in the last year he has taken tremendous strides as a multidisciplinary artist. Stanton is originally from California where he studied Illustration at Laguna College of Art and Design. He relocated to New York after graduating in 2008 where he continues to live and work in Red Hook, Brooklyn constantly drawing inspiration from local nautical history. In the last few months, Stanton’s made his first massive foray into mosaic work during his threemonth artist residency at Red Bull House of Art in Detroit, MI. His multi-screen, digital animation project conquered Times Square as part of Midnight Moment in 2016. His stained-glass works were exhibited in a 12th-century crypt in the United Kingdom and not to dismiss his ever growing complex murals around the world, from Wynwood Walls to Dubai and beyond. His work can be seen in private collections and in galleries worldwide.