We've enjoyed the development of Baldur Helgason's work since introducing it back in March and after seeing his exciting group shows worldwide, so the Icelandic artist's solo show, Lovefool opening at NYCH Gallery in Chicago on November 8, 2019, is cause to celebrate.

This time vintage cartoon characters to pour out their emotions and actions in the name of love, as Helgason tackles the challenge of this complex subject. During his exploration, Helgason investigates his own feelings as well as the concept of love as portrayed in art history and popular culture. Twisting his elastic character into whimsically suggestive poses and facial expressions, he captures everything from the butterflies-in-stomach archetypes and head-over-heels clumsiness, all the way to the inevitable misery of heartbreak.

Through simple compositions, a polished aesthetic and clear visual references, Helgason creates captivating snapshots in which the main character literally or metaphorically experiences familiar moments related to that four-letter word. Whether glowing with ecstatic happiness in And I Love You or numbly drowning in tears in Love Cry (A Smaller Splash), he successfully couches a rich and deeply personal narrative within the playful and humorous patina of his imagery. This new series includes large pieces rendered in exuberant colors, smaller pieces in which the atmosphere is created with quieter hues, and a series of monochromatic works stamping the feelings of sadness, melancholy, and loneliness. Sasha Bogojev