Authority and Art: Alberto Di Fabio and Kepa Garraza

May 11, 2017 - Jun 08, 2017Real Academia de España en Roma, Rome

Real Academia de España en Roma in Rome, Italy, is currently showing Oltre ogni ragionevole dubbio (Beyond All Reasonable Doubt), a project curated by Raffaele Quattrone with artworks by Alberto Di Fabio and primarily Kepa Garraza. The show is built around the principle of law which is usually the highest standard of proof that must be met in any trial.

With both artists creating work that is reflecting the way in which we experience and perceive the reality, Garraza chose a series of works from his Power series. Many of the works were created especially for this showing and they're focused on the way that Western culture sees and presents power. Showing the symbols of power from ancient Greece to the present day, the works include pastel photo realistic renderings of sculptures that symbolized authority at certain times and places. From Julius Caesar, Alessandro Magno, Napoleone Bonaparte, Hitler or Stalin, all the way to Obama and Putin, the Spanish artist questions the idea of authority and the way it uses art as an effective propaganda tool. The large scale monochrome drawings on paper are even more striking due to carefully placed light and shadow focus, as well as the exceptional execution that meticulously shows the finest details and even the textures of the sculptures.––Sasha Bogojev