Atmospheres and Environments: Paul Wackers Lush Works @ Eleanor Harwood Gallery, Los Angeles

Sep 08, 2018 - Oct 27, 2018Eleanor Harwood Gallery, San Francisco

Brooklyn based painter and ceramicist, Paul Wackers, has returned to San Francisco for a new solo show, Atmospheres and Environments, a series of new paintings that demonstrate the artist's ability to create lush, abstract and expansive still life portraits. The show will be on view at Eleanor Harwood Gallery in SF through October 27th, 2018. 

The show marks Wackers' sixth solo show with the gallery, and focus on a mixture of sytles and painting presentations of interior still-lifes. Some works are focus on compartmentalized shape and objects, some very clear works of households objects and plants. In these works, it's almost like Wackers is going through his memory of what an interior should look like, where vases become reflections and rooms become almost surreal. (Although we would never call the artist a surrealist). Some of the works are dense, some so minimal that they veer into abstraction. But the works are indeed as the title suggests, Atmospheres and Environmentsmoments in domestic life, crowded with collectibles and objects.