If you happen to be heading your way to Bechter Kastowsky Gallery in Liechtenstein this weekend, check out Asgar/Gabriel's new solo show, Almost Done Almost Ready. on view January 21—March 11, 2022.  

The paintings shown in the exhibition, all of which were created in relative isolation in 2021 under the impact of the pandemic, aim to be time exploration machines, radically present, with permeable narrative. Funny. Sad. Monstrous. Showing surfaces that have become corporeal and flat non-objective bodies, thus liquefying not only historically entrenched visual hierarchies. From above and below. Center and edge. Foreground and background. But in doing so become something else. At a certain point, each of our paintings turns into a Captcha, a communication vehicle that scans complexities or patterns of perception by asking: When is color merely an attribute, when everything, when itself an object? When is a line merely a line, when a form, when a boundary? When is a surface a shadow, when abstract, when a void? —Asgar/Gabriel