Held concurrently with Art Basel week in Basel, Switzerland; Artstübli Gallery is running Street Light, a group show. In their efforts to become city's leading space for urban art, they are showing a selection of works by some of the most talented Spanish artists and muralists.

Organized and curated with the help of Fafa, a Basel-based Spanish artist, the show features works by Axel Void, Sebas Velasco, Mr Kern, Mohamed Lghacham and Fafa himself. With all of them having some experience as graffiti writers as well as an apparent appreciation for the works of old masters, the show presents the diversity as well as similarities of their artistic practices. Mostly inspired by the urban life and their own life experiences, their works carry a strong contemporary value while reminiscing of classic art through their painterly approach.––Sasha Bogojev

photo credit: Sasha Bogojev