Articulating Emotions in Light: "Calico Sunset" at Pt. 2 Gallery

Jul 14, 2018Pt. 2 Gallery, Oakland

Part 2 Gallery is opening their latest group exhibit, Calico Sunset, this coming weekend at their Oakland gallery. Calico Sunset features work from Bay Area artists Ben Quinn, Brett Amory, Erik Bender, Paige Valentine and Sam Spano, alongside Caleb Hahne, Emma Webster, Kenichi Hoshine, and Maja Ruznic.

Calico Sunset derives its name from the blended spectrum of Bay Area sunsets. From dark to bright, the Sun’s rays interact with gasses in the ozone that, by the time they reach the surface, have taken on vibrant hues. In this show, these 9 artists’ work reinterprets light, and therefore color to represent an array of introspective narratives and concepts. Although varying in subject matter and technique, these artists are bound together by looseness, color blending, and emotional articulation. Each artist uses painting as reflection and exploration, revealing important truths and dismantling antiquated ones.